3 Bracelet Trio      Alaskan Waterfall Earrings   Antarctica Play    Balastrade  Bead and Chain Necklace                      Blue Danube Bracelet                       Butterfly Dreams                      Carved Copper Garden      Elegant Black and White   Fascination Earrings     Fascination Pendants                     Field of Poppies  Filigree Cagework          Fused on Fire Pendant                       Hex beaded Mats    Large wire – wrap  Bracelets                        Pearls on Posies   Rain Chains Earrings      Rose of Sharon Bracelet                     Rulla Dance                   Sassiness of Fall  Shaman Licorice Leather    Slinky Wrap Bracelet/ Necklace                      Star beaded Mat        Transition to Flames                      Treasure Necklace Zing Rings

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